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Mahindra VISTA Kandivali East Project Highlights

Mahindra Vista Kandivali East is a premium residential tower with 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flat for sale in Mumbai. This is a new launch projects by Mahindra Lifespace Developers which is spread across 9 acres of land parcel. There are around 600 units of apartments with different prices and sizes.

Mahindra Lifespaces Vista offers a range of sizes for 1 BHK in Kandivali East, catering to diverse preferences and space requirements. These sophisticated residences boast sizes ranging from 400 to 450 sq. ft., presenting homeowners with thoughtfully designed spaces that exude comfort and style. Each unit is meticulously crafted to optimize space utilization while ensuring a cozy yet spacious ambiance, perfect for modern living.

Mahindra Vista RERA number is P51800054671. Within the expansive enclave of Mahindra Lifespace Vista, prospective buyers have an array of choices across various unit types. The project features around 600 units, encompassing meticulously designed 1, 2, and 3 BHK flat in Kandivali East. This diverse range ensures that individuals and families find their perfect haven amidst the luxurious offerings of Mahindra new project Kandivali East, providing options that cater to varying lifestyle preferences and needs.

The starting price range for Vista 2 BHK apartments in Kandivali East varies based on the size and specific features of the units. Apartments with sizes ranging from 600 to 800 sq. ft. are available within the price range of 1.70 crores to 2.20 crores onwards. This pricing structure offers prospective buyers a spectrum of options, ensuring that they find a residence that aligns with their preferences and budget, making luxury living accessible to a wide range of potential homeowners.

Investing in Mahindra Project Kandivali East presents a multitude of advantages. The project offers a perfect blend of luxury, comfort and convenience. Its strategic location offers new prelaunch flat for sale in Kandivali. Coupled with excellent connectivity, ensures easy access to major hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities and entertainment zones. Furthermore, the meticulous planning and attention to detail in the amenities, coupled with Mahindra Group commitment to quality, make it a promising investment opportunity for both homeowners and investors seeking long-term appreciation and a superior lifestyle.

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Mahindra VISTA Kandivali Project Highlights

Property Type Residential Towers
Apartment Size 400 Sq. Ft to 1620 Sq.Ft
Unit Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK for Sale
Project Status Under Construction
Starting Price 1.23 Cr. onwards
RERA Number P51800054671
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Property Type Luxury Flats in Kandivali East
Sizes 400-1620 Sq.Ft Sizes
Unit Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK
Project Status Prelaunch Projects in Mumbai
Offers New launch Offers
Price 1.23 Cr.Onwards
Sales Manager

Welcome to Mahindra Lifespaces VISTA Kandivali East

Mahindra Vista project the epitome of luxury living, is set to redefine the skyline and transform dreams into reality by the anticipated completion year of 2028. This meticulously planned project by Mahindra Lifespace Developers promises to deliver an architectural masterpiece within the stipulated timeframe. With a strong commitment to quality and adherence to schedules, the completion timeline reflects the developer's dedication to ensuring timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

Mahindra Vista Kandivali East stands out prominently among other residential projects in Kandivali East owing to its comprehensive offerings and unique selling points. The project doesn't just promise a home; it offers a lifestyle. Its meticulously designed living spaces, coupled with world-class amenities, create an unparalleled living experience. Moreover, the emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly practices, and the promise of timely delivery and quality construction distinguish Mahindra new launch project in Kandivali as an exceptional choice in the real estate landscape of Kandivali East.

Mahindra Kandivali project has established a commendable reputation for delivering projects on time and maintaining exceptional quality standards. The developer is known for its commitment to timely completion of projects within stipulated deadlines while upholding stringent quality control measures. Mahindra Builders adherence to high-quality construction practices and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction has earned it a reputation for reliability, ensuring that projects, including Mahindra new project Kandivali is delivered as promised with top-notch quality.

Mahindra VISTA Kandivali Price List
Mahindra Lifespaces VISTA Kandivali Price
Typology Sizes Price Range in Cr. (all inclusive)
1 BHK flat in Kandivali East 400-450 Square Feet 1.20 - 1.23 Cr. onwards
2 BHK flat in Kandivali East 600-650 Square Feet 1.70 - 1.85 Cr. onwards
2 BHK flats in Kandivali East 750-800 Square Feet 1.95 - 2.20 Cr. onwards
3 BHK flat in Kandivali East 950-1050 Square Feet 2.89 - 2.99 Cr. onwards
4 BHK Flat in Kandivali East 1620 Square Feet 4.50 Cr. onwards

1.15 to 1.20 Cr. onwards
Sizes 400-450 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 1 BHK in Kandivali East
1.70 to 1.85 Cr. onwards
Sizes 600-650 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 2 BHK in Kandivali East
1.95 to 2.20 Cr. onwards
Sizes 750-800 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 2 BHK in Mumbai
2.89 to 2.99 Cr. onwards
Sizes 950-1050 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 3 BHK in Kandivali East
4.50 Cr. onwards
Sizes 1620 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 4 BHK in Kandivali East
Mahindra VISTA Amenities

Mahindra Vista Kandivali East is adorned with an array of luxurious amenities that redefine comfortable living. Residents can indulge in the lavish clubhouse, relax by the poolside, or take a rejuvenating stroll through landscaped gardens. The project boasts well-equipped fitness centers, dedicated play areas for children, and recreational spaces, ensuring a holistic lifestyle within the premises. These amenities cater to the diverse needs of individuals and families, promoting an enriched living experience.

Swimming Pool
Kids Play Area
Vehicle Parking
Power Backup
Open Garden
Gated Community
Security System
Mahindra Kandivali VISTA Location
Mahindra VISTA Location Map
Akurli Road Kandivali East, Mumbai

Nestled in the heart of Kandivali East Mumbai, Mahindra Vista Mumbai stands tall on Akurli Road within the esteemed Lokhandwala Township. This prime location offers excellent connectivity to key areas of the city, ensuring easy accessibility to major hubs, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment zones. Its strategic positioning provides residents with a perfect balance between urban convenience and serene living.

Vista Mahindra enjoys several location advantages in Kandivali East, making it an attractive residential destination. Situated within the esteemed Lokhandwala Township, the project offers excellent connectivity to major business districts, educational institutions, healthcare centers, and entertainment hubs. Additionally, its proximity to Western Express Highway and Link Road ensures seamless travel to other parts of Mumbai, fostering convenience and accessibility for residents.

Why you should buy Mahindra Lifespace VISTA Kandivali

Mahindra Lifespace Vista provides flexible payment options to facilitate the property purchasing process for potential buyers. Whether through installment plans or financing options in collaboration with reputed financial institutions, Mahindra Vista ensures that buyers have various avenues to explore, making the investment process more convenient and manageable.

Security Measures at Mahindra Projects in Kandivali : Mahindra Real Estate Developer places paramount importance on the security and safety of its residents at Mahindra and Mahindra Kandivali project. This new launch residential building in Kandivali incorporates state-of-the-art security measures. This includes 24/7 CCTV surveillance, manned security personnel, secure entry and exit points and advanced access control systems. This comprehensive security infrastructure ensures a safe and secure environment, providing residents with peace of mind and a sense of security within the premises.

Special Offers or Discounts for Early Buyers: Mahindra Vista Kandivali East often introduces exclusive offers or discounts for early buyers, making it an enticing opportunity for those keen on investing or purchasing a property in this luxurious residential project. These offers could include attractive pricing, customization options, or financial incentives tailored for those who show interest and commitment at an early stage of the project. Prospective buyers are encouraged to inquire directly with the sales team to explore any ongoing promotions or early-bird benefits available for this project.

Elaboration on Floor Plans for 3 BHK Apartments: When you buy Mahindra Vista it offers meticulously crafted floor plans for 3 BHK Flat in Kandivali. Ensuring spaciousness, functionality, and aesthetics. These thoughtfully designed residences span sizes ranging from 950 to 1050 sq. ft., providing ample space for comfortable living. The floor plans showcase well-defined living areas, bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, modern kitchens, and often include balconies or sit-out areas that offer scenic views, reflecting an optimal blend of elegance and functionality.

Open Spaces and Recreational Areas : Mahindra New Launch project in Kandivali East is designed to offer a holistic living experience, including ample open spaces and various recreational areas. The project boasts lush landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, and dedicated spaces for yoga and meditation, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Additionally, it features well-appointed outdoor amenities such as children's play areas, multipurpose courts for sports enthusiasts, and serene seating areas, allowing residents to unwind and connect with nature within the confines of their abode.

Infrastructure and Connectivity Impact on Value: The robust infrastructure and excellent connectivity surrounding this prelaunch project in Kandivali significantly contribute to its overall value proposition. Kandivali East is a well-established locality with seamless connectivity to key areas of Mumbai. The presence of essential amenities, including schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and entertainment hubs in close proximity, amplifies the convenience factor for residents. Additionally, well-connected roads, proximity to public transportation, and upcoming infrastructure developments in the vicinity add immense value to Mahindra Developers project and making it an ideal choice for homebuyers seeking convenience and accessibility.

Parking Provisions : Mahindra Homes ensures hassle-free parking solutions for residents and visitors. The project offers dedicated parking spaces within the premises, ensuring the safety and convenience of vehicle owners. Whether it's covered parking areas or multi-level parking facilities, Mahindra Vista Mumbai prioritizes ample and secure parking provisions, addressing the parking needs of its residents in a meticulously planned manner.

Tie-ups or Partnerships for Maintenance Services: Vista Kandivali did collaborates with reputable service providers to ensure efficient and seamless maintenance services for its residents. The project often forges partnerships with trusted maintenance agencies or service providers known for their expertise in property management. These collaborations guarantee residents access to timely and reliable maintenance solutions, covering various aspects from common area upkeep to individual unit maintenance, enhancing the overall living experience within this luxury project in Kandivali.

Furnished Options in Apartments : Mahindra Vista project provides buyers with the option to select furnished apartments, catering to the preferences of those seeking ready-to-move-in homes. These furnished options typically include elegantly designed interiors, essential furniture, and fittings curated to complement the aesthetics of the space. While availability may vary, these furnished apartments offer convenience and comfort, allowing residents to seamlessly transition into their new homes without the hassle of setting up from scratch.

Expected Annual Maintenance Charges for Properties: The expected annual maintenance charges for properties in Mahindra Life Spaces are typically determined based on various factors, including the size of the unit and the facilities provided within the project. These charges cover the maintenance and upkeep of common areas, amenities, security services, landscaping, and overall upkeep of the premises. Prospective buyers are encouraged to inquire directly with the management or sales team for detailed information regarding the specific annual maintenance charges applicable to their respective properties.

Catering to Comfortable Living for Families/Individuals: Mahindra Vista Kandivali East is meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of families and individuals seeking a comfortable living experience. The project offers a plethora of amenities and facilities, including landscaped gardens, children's play areas, recreational spaces, and well-equipped fitness centers, promoting a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. Moreover, the spacious and thoughtfully designed apartments, coupled with a focus on community living, create an environment that fosters social interaction and a sense of belonging, ensuring a comfortable and enriching living experience for residents.

Security Features Integrated : Mahindra Group Vista prioritizes the safety and security of its residents by incorporating advanced security features within the project's design. The development includes 24/7 CCTV surveillance, manned security personnel, controlled entry and exit points, and state-of-the-art access control systems. Additionally, the layout and design of the premises ensure optimal visibility and monitoring, fostering a secure environment for residents to live with peace of mind.

Impact of Upcoming Infrastructure Developments : When you buy Mahindra Lifespaces Developer you stands to benefit from several upcoming infrastructure developments planned in its vicinity, potentially enhancing its value. These developments could include proposed metro lines, road expansions, or commercial projects. Such infrastructural improvements can positively impact connectivity, accessibility and overall convenience, further elevating your home desirability and potential appreciation in value.

Nearest Educational Institutions Accessible : Vista Kandivali Mumbai enjoys proximity to various reputable educational institutions and schools, catering to the academic needs of residents' families. Some of the nearby schools include Lokhandwala Foundation School, Thakur International School, Gundecha Education Academy, and Cambridge School, providing quality education options within easy reach of the project.

Details about the Surrounding Neighborhood and Amenities: Mahindra New Project in Kandivali East boasts a vibrant neighborhood with an abundance of amenities in close proximity. Residents can access shopping centers like Growel's 101 Mall and Oberoi Mall for retail therapy and entertainment. Moreover, healthcare facilities such as Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute are within reach, ensuring quality medical care. Restaurants, parks, banks, and other essential services further enrich the neighborhood's offerings, contributing to a well-rounded and convenient lifestyle for residents.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness : Mahindra Upcoming project in Mumbai places a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness within the project. The development incorporates various green initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, efficient waste management systems, and the use of eco-friendly construction materials. Additionally, the landscaping and design of the premises prioritize green spaces, promoting biodiversity and a harmonious coexistence with nature. These measures align with Mahindra Lifespaces' commitment to creating environmentally conscious living spaces, ensuring a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle for residents at Vista Mumbai.

Public Transportation : This luxury residential project in Kandivali enjoys excellent connectivity to various public transportation options, ensuring convenient travel for residents. The project is in close proximity to Kandivali Railway Station, providing easy access to the suburban rail network. Additionally, bus services and auto-rickshaws are readily available, facilitating seamless connectivity within Kandivali East and to other parts of Mumbai.

Additional Charges or Hidden Costs Associated with Property Purchase: Mahindra Lifespace Developers ensures transparency in its dealings, striving to minimize additional charges or hidden costs associated with property purchases in Mahindra Vista. However, it's advisable for prospective buyers to thoroughly review the purchase agreement and consult with the sales team to gain a comprehensive understanding of all associated costs, including registration fees, taxes, maintenance charges, and any other applicable expenses related to property acquisition.

Rules and Regulations Regarding Pets : The new launch projects in Kandivali typically has defined guidelines regarding pets for residents. While specific rules may vary, the project often allows residents to keep pets within certain permissible limits and guidelines. Pet owners are generally required to adhere to community rules, which might include leash regulations, waste disposal norms, and maintaining pet behavior within the premises, ensuring a harmonious living environment for all residents.

Quality Assurance in Construction and Materials : Mahindra and Mahindra Group upholds stringent quality standards in construction and materials used at Mahindra Apartments in Mumbai. The developer ensures adherence to approved building codes, conducts regular quality checks, and engages reputed contractors and suppliers known for their high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Moreover, the commitment to excellence includes employing modern construction techniques and utilizing superior-grade materials, ensuring durability, structural integrity, and superior finishing in every aspect of this construction.

Plans for Community Spaces : Mahindra Vista Kandivali East incorporates plans for the development of well-designed community spaces within its premises. These community spaces are intended to foster social interaction and create a sense of community among residents. These spaces may include landscaped gardens, multipurpose halls, seating areas, and recreational zones, promoting a vibrant and inclusive community living experience within this project.

Anticipated ROI for Investment : While exact returns on investment (ROI) can vary based on market conditions and other factors. It is anticipated to offer favorable returns owing to its strategic location, meticulous planning, and the brand's track record for delivering high-quality projects. Investing in Mahindra properties in Mumbai is expected to yield appreciable returns due to the project's potential for capital appreciation driven by its prime location, robust infrastructure, and upscale amenities, making it an attractive proposition for investors seeking long-term growth prospects in Mumbai real estate market.

Medical Facilities and Hospitals Accessible : Residents of Kandivali East have convenient access to quality medical facilities and hospitals in the vicinity. Notable hospitals nearby include Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute, Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, and Hinduja Hospital. These healthcare establishments offer a wide range of medical services, ensuring prompt and reliable healthcare facilities for people living in Kandivali East.

Flexible Payment Plans for Home Buyers : Mahindra residential projects often offers flexible payment plans tailored to suit the diverse needs and preferences of buyers. These plans may include installment options, down payment schedules, and tie-ups with financial institutions for home loan assistance. Such flexibility in payment plans aims to ease the financial burden on buyers and facilitate a smooth and convenient buying process, making homeownership is more accessible to a broader spectrum of potential buyers.

Facilitating Work-Life Balance : When you buy 1 BHK flat in Kandivali the homes are designed to promote a harmonious work-life balance. The project's thoughtfully curated amenities, such as landscaped gardens, recreational spaces, and fitness centers, provide avenues for relaxation, fitness, and unwinding after a hectic day. Additionally, its strategic location, well-connected infrastructure, and proximity to essential amenities ensure that residents can efficiently manage their professional commitments while enjoying a fulfilling personal life within the comforts of this new under construction projects in Kandivali.

Security Protocols in Place for Resident Safety : It is also when you buy Vista 2 BHK flat in Kandivali or you buy 3 BHK flat in Kandivali it prioritizes the safety and security of its residents by implementing robust security protocols. The project features round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, well-trained security personnel stationed at key points, access control systems, and gated entry points. These comprehensive security measures ensure vigilant monitoring and create a secure environment within the premises, fostering a sense of safety and tranquility for all residents.

Contribution to Lifestyle Enhancement: You can also buy 4 BHK flat in Kandivali as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the lifestyle of its residents. They offer an array of amenities and facilities that cater to diverse preferences. The project's thoughtfully designed spaces, lush green surroundings, fitness centers, recreational areas, and community spaces create an enriching environment that promotes wellness, social interaction, and a balanced lifestyle. Mahindra Vista in Kandivali aims to elevate the overall living experience by providing residents with a holistic and fulfilling lifestyle within the confines of the development.

Views and Scenic Features from Apartments : Apartments at Mahindra Lifespace Vista offer captivating views and scenic features, depending on their orientation and positioning within the project. Some units may provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes, including lush greenery, cityscapes, or scenic vistas. Residents may enjoy breathtaking sunrises or sunsets, serene garden views, or glimpses of the bustling city, providing a tranquil and picturesque backdrop to their daily lives.

Clubhouse and Community Facilities : Vista by Mahindra Lifespaces boasts an impressive clubhouse and a range of community facilities designed to cater to various needs and preferences of its residents. The clubhouse typically encompasses spaces for social gatherings, indoor games, multipurpose halls, and fitness centers equipped with modern equipment. Additionally, the project includes outdoor amenities like swimming pools, landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, and dedicated play areas for children, ensuring a well-rounded living experience for all residents.

Home Loan Assistance and Tie-ups for Home Buyers in Mumbai : Mahindra Group projects often collaborates with leading financial institutions to offer home loan assistance and tie-ups for prospective buyers interested in Mahindra Vista. These tie-ups may include facilitation of home loan applications, attractive interest rates, and simplified documentation processes, easing the financial aspects when you plan to buy Mahindra Vista in Kandivali East. Prospective property buyers in Mumbai can inquire with the sales team for specific details regarding home loan assistance and tie-ups available for this real estate project.

Water and Electricity Supply Management : Mahindra Vista project in Kandivali employs robust systems for managing water and electricity supply within the development. The project typically incorporates efficient water management practices such as rainwater harvesting, water recycling, and sustainable usage techniques to minimize wastage. Moreover, the electricity supply is managed through reliable infrastructure, including backup power systems like generators or inverters to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the residents.

Retail or Commercial Spaces Planned : When you buy 1 BHK flat in Kandivali it often integrates retail or commercial spaces within its premises to offer added convenience to its residents. These spaces may include retail outlets, convenience stores, or small commercial establishments, providing essential services and shopping options within the vicinity. The presence of such spaces aims to enhance the overall convenience and lifestyle of residents 1BHK flat in Kandivali.

Surrounding Green Spaces or Parks : When you buy Mahindra Lifespaces projects you also benefits from its proximity to various green spaces and parks in the surrounding area. Residents can enjoy the serenity of nearby parks like Lokhandwala Garden or Thakur Village Garden, providing peaceful retreats and spaces for relaxation amidst nature. These green spaces serve as recreational areas and contribute to the overall well-being of residents by offering a breath of fresh air and tranquil surroundings.

Customization Options for Interiors or Design : Home Buyers in Mumbai interested in buying luxury apartments in Kandivali often have customization options available for interiors or design elements, allowing them to personalize their living spaces to suit their preferences. These options may include choices in flooring, wall finishes, kitchen configurations, and certain interior design aspects. Mahindra Realty aims to offer customization options that enable residents to tailor their homes to reflect their individual tastes and lifestyle preferences.

Contribution to Sustainable and Eco-friendly Lifestyle : Mahindra Real Estate Developers demonstrates a commitment to promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle for its residents. The project integrates various eco-friendly practices, including the use of energy-efficient lighting, green building materials, and sustainable construction techniques. Additionally, the inclusion of ample green spaces, landscaped gardens, and the preservation of natural elements within the development further contribute to fostering an eco-conscious environment, encouraging residents to adopt sustainable living practices and reduce their environmental footprint.

Provisions for Children's Play Areas or Schools : Mahindra Lifespaces Vista Kandivali East is designed with dedicated children's play areas within the premises. These areas typically feature well-equipped playgrounds, safe play zones, and recreational facilities catering to the entertainment and development of children. While there might not be schools within the premises, Mahindra Vista's proximity to reputed educational institutions allows for convenient access to quality schooling options nearby.

Fitness and Wellness Facilities : Mahindra Housing projects offers a range of fitness and wellness facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle among residents. The project includes well-equipped fitness centers or gyms, yoga and meditation areas, jogging tracks, and spaces for various recreational activities. Additionally, amenities like swimming pools, sports courts, and dedicated spaces for fitness classes ensure that residents have ample opportunities to stay active and maintain their overall well-being.

Quality Assurance in Construction Materials : Mahindra Developers maintains strict quality control measures to ensure the use of high-grade construction materials in this new residential project in Kandivali. The developer procures materials from reputable suppliers known for their quality, durability, and compliance with industry standards. Rigorous quality checks and adherence to approved building codes are implemented throughout the construction process, ensuring that only superior materials are used, thereby guaranteeing the structural integrity and longevity of the buildings.

Legal Formalities and Documentation for Purchasing a Property: The legal formalities and documentation required for buying a property in Mumbai typically involve procedures such as verifying property titles, obtaining necessary clearances from local authorities, executing a sale agreement, and completing documentation related to property registration. Property investors in Mumbai are advised to engage legal advisors or consult with the sales team to ensure compliance with legal formalities, understand the documentation required, and complete the due diligence process before finalizing the purchase.

Rental Potential : When you buy Mahindra new projects in Mumbai it hold considerable rental potential owing to various factors such as its prime location, amenities, quality construction, and the reputation of Mahindra Lifespaces. The project's proximity to key infrastructure, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and commercial areas makes it appealing to potential tenants. The demand for rental properties in such well-developed and well-connected locations often contributes to favorable rental returns for property investors within Mahindra Vista Kandivali East.

Questions And Answers on Mahindra Lifespaces Iris Kandivali

What type of residential apartments will be available for sale in Mahindra Kandivali Project?
Mahindra Kandivali Project has 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK flats for sale in Kandivali East.
What is the starting price at Mahindra new launch project in Kandivali?
They are offering 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK in Kandivali East, and the starting price is Rs. 1.23 Cr. onwards.
What are the prelaunch offers and discount if we buy flats in Kandivali East?
Yes early booking have special launch benefits which can be availed at the time of allotment. Benefits of buying new flat in Kandivali East is you will get to buy home of your choice. When you book your flat you can choose east facing or south facing homes depending upon your home Vastu Shastra.
What is the total land area at Mahindra and Mahindra Kandivali East project ?
Total area is around 10 acres of land parcel.
Do they help with Bank finance assistance if we need home loan for this project?
Mahindra residential project in Kandivali is a RERA approved project. for home loan, they have tie up with all leading Banks for home loan as and when required.
How is the post sales service at Mahindra Vista Kandivali East?
Mahindra Mumbai team has dedicated customer service to help home buyers and property investors with their entire journey of home buying to handover of thier apartments.
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