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Mahindra Province Kandivali East Project Highlights

Mahindra Province is a luxury residential gated community project located at vibrant charm of Kandivali East. Mahindra Lifespaces Province beckons you to experience a life of unparalleled luxury and comfort.

Set on the prestigious Akurli Road, this residential masterpiece is designed to redefine your perception of modern living. Whether you are a homebuyer planning to buy your dream home in Mumbai or a property investor eyeing a golden opportunity, this project has something exceptional to offer to each one of you.

Discover your ideal living space in Mahindra upcoming project in Kandivali East. Explore a range of meticulously crafted residences tailored to cater to your diverse preferences. Choose from our thoughtfully designed 1, 2, and 3 BHK flats for sale, each boasting an expanse that matches your lifestyle aspirations. Delight in the elegant fusion of aesthetics and functionality that adorn every corner of your new home.

Bedroom Bliss: Retreat to the comfort of your master bedroom, a haven of tranquillity and style.

Gourmet Galore: Embrace the joy of culinary adventures in your modern kitchen, a chef's delight equipped with top-of-the-line amenities.

Living Elegance: Mahindra Kandivali East project unwind and entertain in your spacious living room, where each moment becomes a cherished memory.

Luxury Bathrooms: Indulge in the opulence of well-appointed bathrooms that reflect a spa-like atmosphere.

Impeccable Designs, Infinite Amenities Mahindra Province Kandivali East goes beyond providing just homes; it offers a lifestyle that redefines opulence. Our meticulously planned architecture is a testament to both aesthetics and functionality. With spacious balconies to enjoy breathtaking views, rooftop retreats to soak in the serenity, and an inviting garden that offers a breath of fresh air, every inch of this development is designed to uplift your living experience.

Unmatched Convenience and Security Your safety and convenience are our priorities. Equipped with modern elevators, every residence is designed to seamlessly elevate your living experience. The property boasts advanced CCTV surveillance, ensuring your peace of mind. The dedicated housekeeping staff ensures that your living spaces remain pristine at all times.

Recreation and Relaxation Dive into luxury at the swimming pool, let your little ones frolic in the playground, or take a leisurely stroll in the verdant park. Our multi-faceted amenities cater to residents of all ages, ensuring that everyone finds their slice of happiness within the premises.

Prime Location, Limitless possibilities Mahindra Real Estate developers strategic location in Kandivali East puts you in close proximity to urban conveniences, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment hubs. Seamless connectivity ensures that you are well-connected to the heart of Mumbai while enjoying a peaceful retreat at home.

Your Dream Home Awaits Mahindra prelaunch project in Mumbai isn't just a property; it's a masterpiece, an embodiment of luxury, a sanctuary you can call home. Whether you are a family, a young professional, or someone looking for an investment that promises unmatched returns, Mahindra Group welcomes you to a world where each day is a celebration of life's finest moments.

Book Your Site Visit Now Step into the future of luxury living. Contact us to schedule a site visit and witness firsthand the grandeur of Mahindra Developers project. Your dream home is just a visit away.

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Mahindra Province New launch project in Kandivali East stands as a testament to architectural ingenuity. The interior design excellence offers a living experience that seamlessly blends urban sophistication with comfort. These luxury apartments have been meticulously crafted by Mahindra Lifespace Developers to redefine the concept of modern living, where every detail has been thoughtfully curated to elevate the urban lifestyle.

Architectural Style: The architectural style of Mahindra Lifespaces new launch project in Mumbai is a harmonious fusion of contemporary aesthetics and functional design. Clean lines, innovative facades, and a modern color palette come together to create an elegant visual identity that captures the essence of luxury living. The façade's interplay of glass, steel, and concrete not only enhances the building's aesthetic appeal but also ensures optimal natural light and ventilation for each residence.

Interior Design Elements: Upon entering Mahindra Lifespaces upcoming project in Mumbai residents are greeted by interiors that exude sophistication and comfort. High ceilings, expansive windows, and open floor plans create a sense of spaciousness, allowing for a seamless flow between rooms. The use of premium materials, from exquisite flooring to high-quality fixtures, showcases a commitment to excellence and durability.

Spatial Harmony: The interior layouts have been meticulously designed to promote a sense of balance and tranquility. The placement of rooms, corridors, and communal spaces reflects a deep understanding of how residents move and interact within their homes. This thoughtful arrangement ensures both privacy and communal living harmoniously coexist.

Urban Lifestyle Integration: The design philosophy of Mahindra Province Kandivali East is rooted in catering to the demands of the urban lifestyle. The inclusion of multifunctional spaces that can adapt to various needs speaks to the versatility that modern city dwellers seek. Residents can effortlessly transition from work to leisure, hosting social gatherings or indulging in personal relaxation, all within the confines of their home.

Luxury in Every Detail: From the intricately designed kitchens that cater to culinary enthusiasts to the opulent master suites that offer a retreat from the urban buzz, every corner of these apartments radiates luxury. Intelligent storage solutions, designer lighting fixtures, and cutting-edge home automation seamlessly integrate into the design, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Enhanced Living Experience: The design of Mahindra Province Kandivali East goes beyond aesthetics; it aims to enhance the overall living experience. Expansive balconies provide private outdoor retreats, while communal areas like rooftop gardens and lounge spaces foster a sense of community. The integration of sustainable design elements underscores the commitment to eco-friendly living.

Capturing Urban Aspirations: The architectural and interior design of Mahindra Home aptly captures the aspirations of modern urban dwellers. The design ethos celebrates individuality, while the communal spaces facilitate interactions and connections, creating a holistic living environment.

In summary, Mahindra Kandivali East project architectural and design brilliance marries contemporary aesthetics with functional sensibilities. These luxury apartments not only complement the urban lifestyle but elevate it, offering a haven that resonates with both comfort and sophistication. The project stands as a testament to Mahindra Lifespaces projects commitment to creating living spaces that inspire and elevate the human experience.

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Mahindra Province Project Highlights

Property Type Residential Building
Apartment Size 400 Sq. Ft to 1050 Sq.Ft
Unit Type 1, 2 and 3 BHK for Sale
Project Status Under Construction
Starting Price 1.15 Cr. onwards
RERA Number Awaited
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Property Type Residential Apartments
Sizes 400-1050 Sq.Ft Sizes
Unit Type 1, 2 and 3 BHK
Project Status Prelaunch Project in Mumbai
Offers New launch Offers
Price 1.15 Cr.Onwards
Sales Manager

Welcome to Mahindra Province Project in Kandivali East

In the heart of Akurli Road, Kandivali East, a remarkable opportunity awaits – Mahindra Province by Mahindra Lifespaces. An epitome of luxury living that transcends the ordinary. This prestigious project encapsulates the essence of contemporary urbanity, offering an idyllic blend of sophistication, convenience, and community. From the moment you step into this enclave, a world of possibilities unfurls before you.

Imagine waking up to the sun's gentle rays streaming through expansive windows, illuminating thoughtfully designed interiors that effortlessly blend elegance with functionality. Picture yourself savoring moments of tranquility on your private balcony, or hosting gatherings in communal spaces that foster connections and camaraderie. Every corner of Mahindra Builders project in Mumbai reflects meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your living experience surpasses expectations.

Akurli Road isn't just a location; it's a lifestyle statement. The vibrant neighborhood envelops you in a cultural tapestry of art, culinary delights, and entertainment. With its array of schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and parks, every facet of daily life is conveniently within reach. The seamless connectivity ensures that you're well-connected to the heart of Mumbai. While also enjoy the serene retreat that Mahindra Lifespaces properties in Mumbai has to offer.

For the astute investor, Mahindra Province Kandivali East presents an opportunity that extends beyond luxury living. It's an investment that's poised to reap rewards, with historical price appreciation, promising rental yield prospects, and the forecasted growth of the area painting a compelling picture of potential returns. Owning a property here means securing not just a residence, but a future that combines comfort and financial gain.

As you stand at the crossroads of elegance and convenience, the decision to invest in Mahindra Lifespaces Kandivali East becomes an obvious one. It's an investment in your aspirations, your well-being, and your desire for an elevated way of life. Join the league of discerning homebuyers and investors who are choosing to call Mahindra apartments in Mumbai their home, and embark on a journey that's as promising as it is fulfilling.

Elevate your lifestyle, secure your future – Mahindra Group projects in Mumbai welcomes you to a world where luxury, convenience and community converge. Your dream home in Mumbai Kandivali East awaits; seize the opportunity and make it a reality.

Mahindra Province Kandivali Price List
Mahindra Lifespaces Province Kandivali Price
Typology Sizes Price Range in Cr. (all inclusive)
1 BHK 400-450 Square Feet 1.15 - 1.20 Cr. onwards
2 BHK 600-650 Square Feet 1.70 - 1.85 Cr. onwards
2 BHK 750-800 Square Feet 1.95 - 2.20 Cr. onwards
3 BHK 950-1050 Square Feet 2.89 - 2.99 Cr. onwards

1.15 to 1.20 Cr. onwards
Sizes 400-450 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 1 BHK in Kandivali
1.70 to 1.85 Cr. onwards
Sizes 600-650 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 2 BHK in Kandivali
1.95 to 2.20 Cr. onwards
Sizes 750-800 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 2 BHK in Mumbai
2.89 to 2.99 Cr. onwards
Sizes 950-1050 Sq.Ft
Type Buy 3 BHK in Kandivali
Mahindra Province Amenities

Swimming Pool
Kids Play Area
Vehicle Parking
Power Backup
Open Garden
Gated Community
Security System
Mahindra Kandivali Location
Mahindra Iris Location Map
Akurli Rd in Kandivali East, Mumbai

Welcome to the coveted realm of Kandivali East, where sophistication meets vibrancy, and luxury finds its home. Mahindra new project in Kandivali East is nestled along the prestigious Akurli Road. This enclave is not just a location; it's a lifestyle. Join us as we embark on a journey through this prime locale, unraveling the reasons that make it the ultimate destination for homebuyers and property investors in Mumbai seeking a slice of opulent living.

A Neighborhood Beyond Compare Kandivali East is more than a place; it's an experience. With its blend of modernity and tradition, it stands as a testament to Mumbai's dynamic spirit. Here, the allure of urban living harmoniously coexists with serene pockets of greenery, creating a perfect equilibrium. The neighborhood's energy is infectious, its streets alive with an array of shopping, dining, and recreational options that cater to every palate.

Akurli Road: The Epicenter of Luxury Living Mahindra residential project in Mumbai location on Akurli Road epitomizes convenience and prestige. This well-connected avenue seamlessly links you to the heart of Mumbai, making daily commutes a breeze. Immerse yourself in the excitement of the city, only to return to the tranquil haven of Mahindra Province, where luxury and comfort await your embrace.

A Haven for Home Seekers For those seeking the perfect abode, Kandivali East offers an array of options that cater to diverse lifestyles. Whether you're a family in pursuit of spacious living or a professional yearning for convenience, this neighborhood has something to offer to each discerning individual. Mahindra Province Kandivali East stands tall as a testament to luxurious living, promising not just a residence, but a sanctuary where dreams are nurtured.

Investment Redefined Investors with a keen eye recognize the immense potential of Kandivali East. Its strategic location, coupled with the promise of continued growth and development, makes it a prudent choice for those seeking to invest in Mumbai's real estate. The allure of a luxury residential project like Mahindra Realty project only enhances the investment appeal, promising not just financial returns, but an investment in an elevated way of life.

Embrace Luxury, Embrace Life As you step into Mahindra Province Kandivali East, you're stepping into a world of possibilities. It's a realm where modernity intertwines with tradition, where convenience coexists with tranquility. This neighborhood has an inherent ability to adapt to your needs, whether it's savoring the city's pulse or escaping into the comfort of your own private haven.

Your Journey Begins at Mahindra new launch in Kandivali. Be your gateway to the best that Kandivali Mumbai has to offer. A neighborhood that's vibrant, a location that's strategic, and a project that's exemplary, all converge to present you with an opportunity that's simply unparalleled.

Why you should buy Mahindra Lifespace Province Kandivali

The real estate market in Kandivali East has been undergoing a remarkable transformation, establishing itself as one of Mumbai's most sought-after residential destinations. Anchored by the upcoming Mahindra Province on Akurli Road, this micro-market showcases a compelling blend of residential diversity, urban connectivity, and lifestyle amenities.

Property Types and Diversity Kandivali East presents a diverse range of property types catering to varying preferences. From compact apartments to spacious penthouses, the market offers options for families, professionals, and investors alike. The emergence of luxury residential projects like Mahindra Province has elevated the area's appeal, introducing modern designs, state-of-the-art amenities, and quality living spaces.

Demand-Supply Dynamics The demand for properties in Kandivali East has been consistently on the rise, fueled by its strategic location and the overall growth trajectory of Mumbai. The influx of professionals, coupled with families seeking comfortable living spaces, has contributed to this upward trend. As demand surges, the supply has been striving to keep pace, with developers envisioning contemporary projects that align with the evolving needs of the populace.

Average Price Trends Price trends in Kandivali East have showcased a steady appreciation, reflecting the neighborhood's growing prominence. The introduction of luxury projects like Mahindra Province has introduced an upscale segment to the market, influencing average prices. The diversity of offerings allows potential buyers to explore options within a broad price spectrum, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Key Influencing Factors Several factors contribute to the buoyancy of the property market in Kandivali East. The micro-market's strategic location, offering convenient access to business hubs, educational institutions, and entertainment centers, significantly influences its appeal. Additionally, the development of key infrastructure projects, such as improved road networks and transportation facilities, has enhanced the area's connectivity and desirability.

Rising Lifestyle Expectations The influx of professionals and the evolving preferences of residents have given rise to heightened lifestyle expectations. Contemporary amenities and well-designed living spaces are no longer just optional; they are integral components of modern living. Projects like Mahindra Lifespaces Province in Kandivali East understand and cater to these expectations, fostering a new benchmark for luxury living in the area.

Investment Potential Kandivali East's real estate landscape has garnered attention from investors for its potential for steady appreciation. With the micro-market poised for continued development, the introduction of projects that align with global trends and preferences, such as Mahindra Province, offers a promising avenue for investors seeking to capitalize on both financial returns and elevated living experiences.

Kandivali East's real estate market is experiencing a dynamic evolution, driven by demand from a diverse demographic and facilitated by infrastructural advancements. The emergence of modern luxury projects like Mahindra Province adds a new dimension to the area's real estate narrative, promising a future where comfort, connectivity, and contemporary living converge to define the essence of Kandivali East's property landscape.

The luxury apartments at Mahindra Province in Kandivali East have garnered interest from a distinctive group of discerning homebuyers. These individuals represent a sophisticated demographic with distinct preferences, lifestyles, and motivations for investing in this premier residential enclave.

Urban Professionals and Families: A significant portion of the target audience comprises urban professionals and families seeking a harmonious blend of city conveniences and peaceful living. These professionals, often working in nearby business hubs, value proximity to their workplaces while cherishing a serene escape from the urban hustle. Families are drawn to the area's reputed schools, healthcare facilities, and recreational amenities, making it an ideal location to raise children.

High-Net-Worth Individuals: The allure of luxury living resonates strongly with high-net-worth individuals who value exclusivity, sophistication, and modern comforts. They prioritize opulent living spaces that boast top-tier amenities, innovative design, and unparalleled services. For them, Province Mahindra offers a canvas where they can manifest their discerning taste and enjoy the exclusivity that comes with owning a luxury property.

Empty Nesters and Retirees: Empty nesters and retirees seeking to downsize while upgrading their lifestyle are a noteworthy segment. With their children having moved out, they seek to embrace a more convenient, luxurious, and secure living environment. Mahindra Province's modern designs, amenities, and strategic location cater to their desire for hassle-free living while enjoying the finer aspects of life.

Aspiring Millennials and Young Professionals: A group of aspiring millennials and young professionals are drawn to Mahindra Province as a symbol of their accomplishments and ambitions. They are captivated by the idea of owning a prestigious address that reflects their success. The project's contemporary designs, social spaces, and proximity to urban attractions align with their desire for a dynamic lifestyle.

Contemporary Elegance: The target audience appreciates modern architecture and elegant design. They seek living spaces that are aesthetically pleasing, with a seamless blend of functionality and luxury.

Amenities and Services: A key motivator for this audience is access to premium amenities and services. From well-equipped fitness centers to lush gardens and concierge services, they value an enriched living experience.

Convenience and Connectivity: The convenience of being located near business districts, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and transportation hubs is a primary consideration. The ability to seamlessly connect with the city's pulse is paramount.

Quality of Life: The desire for a higher quality of life drives their interest in Mahindra Province. The promise of serene surroundings, recreational spaces, and wellness facilities align with their pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Long-Term Investment: The prospect of owning a luxury apartment in a growing neighborhood is a significant factor. Buyers recognize the potential for long-term appreciation while indulging in a sophisticated way of living.

Prestige and Status: The status associated with owning a luxury property in a prestigious enclave like Mahindra upcoming project in Kandivali East appeals to their aspirations for recognition and accomplishment.

In essence, the ideal buyers and target audience for Mahindra Province Kandivali East encompass a diverse array of individuals united by a shared appreciation for luxury, convenience, and an elevated living experience. The project's blend of contemporary design, top-notch amenities, strategic location, and potential for investment growth resonates deeply with these discerning homebuyers, making it a coveted choice in the realm of luxury living.

Residents of Mahindra Province in Kandivali East are privileged to be surrounded by an array of essential amenities and well-developed infrastructure, enhancing their daily lives with convenience, comfort, and accessibility.

Educational Institutions: For families, Kandivali East offers a range of esteemed educational institutions catering to various age groups. From reputed schools offering primary and secondary education to renowned colleges and educational centers, residents have a plethora of choices to ensure a bright future for their children.

Healthcare Facilities: The neighborhood boasts an extensive network of healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and specialized medical centers. Residents can access top-quality medical care and services, ensuring their well-being is prioritized at all times.

Retail and Shopping Centers: Kandivali East is a shopper's haven, with a variety of retail outlets, shopping complexes, and markets that cater to diverse needs. From daily necessities to high-end shopping, residents have easy access to a wide range of retail options.

Recreational Parks and Green Spaces: Amid the bustling city, Kandivali East preserves pockets of greenery and parks that offer residents a respite from the urban hustle. These tranquil spaces provide opportunities for relaxation, outdoor activities, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Public Transportation Network: The neighborhood's strategic location is complemented by a robust public transportation network. Well-connected bus routes and local train stations facilitate seamless travel to other parts of Mumbai, ensuring that residents remain well-connected to the city's heartbeat.

Culinary Delights and Dining Options: A culinary journey awaits residents in Kandivali East, with a diverse array of dining options that cater to various tastes and preferences. From local street food stalls to upscale restaurants, food enthusiasts can explore a wide range of flavors right at their doorstep.

Entertainment and Leisure: For those seeking entertainment and leisure activities, Kandivali East offers multiplexes, theaters, and cultural venues that host a variety of events and performances. This ensures that residents can enjoy a vibrant social life without venturing too far from home.

Banking and Financial Services: The neighborhood features a well-developed banking sector, with numerous branches of national and international banks, ATMs, and financial services providers. This ensures that residents have easy access to their banking needs.

Connectivity: Kandivali East's connectivity is further enhanced by well-maintained road networks, making commuting within the neighborhood and beyond efficient and hassle-free. Its proximity to major highways and transport hubs allows for seamless travel across Mumbai.

Community Services: The area's community services include post offices, police stations, and government offices that provide essential support to residents in various aspects of their lives.

The local amenities and infrastructure surrounding Mahindra Province Kandivali East are thoughtfully designed to cater to residents' diverse needs. From education and healthcare to shopping and leisure, the neighborhood offers a well-rounded lifestyle that complements the luxury living experience offered by the project.

Akurli Road Kandivali East isn't just a location; it's a gateway to a lifestyle that blends opulence, culture, and community. The upcoming luxury project in this vibrant enclave offers potential buyers an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world where every facet of life is curated to perfection.

Cultural Extravaganza: Residents of this project are poised to experience a cultural tapestry that weaves together the old and the new. The neighborhood's proximity to art galleries, cultural centers, and performance venues ensures that enthusiasts of the arts are always in the midst of creative inspiration. From art exhibitions to music recitals, the cultural scene is an ever-evolving canvas that adds depth to the urban living experience.

Social Vibrancy: Akurli Rd Kandivali East thrives as a social hub, offering a plethora of trendy cafes, chic bistros, and vibrant eateries. This bustling food scene brings together flavors from around the world, catering to diverse palates and encouraging social interactions over delectable meals. The project's communal spaces also foster connections, allowing residents to engage with like-minded individuals and build lasting friendships.

Recreational Haven: Recreation takes center stage in Kandivali East, making it an ideal haven for those who value an active lifestyle. Lush parks, jogging tracks, and yoga studios offer avenues for outdoor fitness and rejuvenation. The neighborhood's commitment to health and wellness ensures that residents have ample opportunities to stay fit and rejuvenated.

Community Engagements: The upcoming project in Kandivali East aims to foster a strong sense of community among its residents. Social events, workshops, and gatherings bring neighbors together, creating a space where relationships flourish. This sense of belonging transcends mere living; it transforms into a community that celebrates each other's successes and supports one another in times of need.

Retail Therapy and Shopping Delights: For the fashion-forward, the area's shopping scene is a paradise waiting to be explored. From high-end boutiques to bustling markets, residents have access to a spectrum of retail options. Whether seeking the latest trends or unique finds, the retail landscape caters to every shopping whim.

Calm Amidst Urban Chaos: Amidst the urban vibrancy, the luxury project offers a serene haven that offers solace after a bustling day. The meticulously designed interiors, the tranquil rooftop spaces, and the well-landscaped garden areas all offer moments of peace, allowing residents to recharge and reconnect with themselves.

Gateway to Adventure: Adventure seekers aren't left behind. The project's strategic location means that weekend getaways, hiking trails, and nature escapes are within easy reach. A well-balanced life, where city exploration and outdoor adventures coexist, becomes a reality.

In essence, the lifestyle potential on Akurli Road, Kandivali East, transcends beyond the conventional. It's a canvas painted with cultural vibrancy, social connections, recreational opportunities, and moments of tranquility. The upcoming luxury project captures the essence of this lifestyle, inviting potential buyers to not just own a home but be part of a thriving and dynamic community that celebrates the richness of life itself.

Questions And Answers on Mahindra Lifespaces Province Kandivali

What type of new apartments will be available for sale in Mahindra Kandivali Project?
The project has 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments for sale in Kandivali East.
Are there any pre-launch offers and discount if we book our homes early at Mahindra Lifespaces Mumbai?
Yes, the benefits of booking new apartments in Kandivali, will be like you will get to buy home of your choice. You can buy east facing or south facing homes depending upon your home Vastu Shastra. Also there are special launch benefits which can be availed at early booking.
What is the total land parcel area at Mahindra Kandivali East project ?
Total area is around 10 acres of land parcel which was bought by Mahindra Lifespaces from Mahindra and Mahindra Group.
Do Mahindra Lifespace Developers help with Bank finance assistance if we need home loan for this project?
All Mahindra residential project are RERA approved projects. If you require home loan, they have tie up with all the major leading Banks for home loan as and when required.
How is the post sales service at Mahindra Group Mumbai?
Mahindra Developers Mumbai team has dedicated customer service to help home buyers and investors with their entire journey of home buying to handover of thier apartments.
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