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Mahindra Lifespaces Pimpri Amenities Include

24x7 Multi-tier Security

The amenities offered by Mahindra Nestalgia are complete assurance of security for residents. In today’s world security for family members and safety for the entire household is top of the list of essential features in modern living spaces. In the current times, individuals travel for long distances and sometimes across countries, the need for multi-tier security systems is vital. Mahindra Lifespaces Pimpri security equipment include high-end door locks, doors with video phones Intercom CCTV systems and high-permissive walls that contain fencing, and an experienced security staff.

Clubhouse with Indoor Games

Being connected to your neighbours is vital for a pleasant life for everyone. Mahindra Lifespaces Pimpri places an emphasis on the area you live and work in. One of the best places to meet new people is the context of the congregation. A game room with an indoor area is the perfect place to connect with new people, create connections, and create an environment of calm within your house.

Swimming Pool as well as Gym

Fitness is crucial in this busy and stressful time. The most crucial issue is that many of us do not want to get active and follow into a routine of exercise. If your home has fitness facilities that include an outdoor pool, it can serve as a great instrument to stay in shape and well. It's also an ideal opportunity to connect with people who share your interests, and grow by working with them.

Children's Playground

Children are a major source of happiness to families. The fear of your child becoming injured while playing is a major worry. Mahindra Lifespaces Pimpri homes are specially created to be used by children. It must be free of cars and be equipped with top-quality equipment for play including carpets that are soft or with sand.

Solar Water Heating System

When deciding on the best level of the comfort of urban areas, it's an absolute requirement; however it is essential to do something to help the natural environment. Simple things such as rainwater harvesting system or solar water heating systems could be very beneficial in reducing the carbon footprint. It is crucial to be aware the environmental impact of our homes as well as our children's homes. the more benefit they could receive in the in the near future.

Multipurpose Hall, along with the Amphitheatre

One of the biggest benefits that come with living in a home with a secure entry is the possibility of engaging in fun activities and enjoy happy moments with your buddies. A hall that can be used for multiple purposes is the ideal place to hold yoga classes or dance classes. Amphitheatres are an ideal location to show cricket matches, as well as for celebrating events with friends and family.

Landscaped Garden

Gardens aren't just beautiful to look at. They serve various purposes. For instance serving as a green space within the residential area or for people to unwind after an evening walk and are also part of the gated community. The majority of landscaping gardens have designated seating areas for the elderly and mud trails that are built around them, permitting you people to walk early in the morning.

Fittings and Fixtures

The importance of fittings specially designed and produced by specific brands can't be understated sufficient. From the wiring utilized throughout the electrical system and sanitary-ware, and tiles themselves, it is essential to ensure that these frequently-forgotten parts are of high-quality. Fixtures, fittings, and specifications could cost more, but in final, they could need to be replaced earlier, or in the event of defective electrical wiring, or even elevators may cause serious danger to the safety of homebuyers.

Generator backups for Common Areas

In urban areas, India is not plagued by a tiny portion of the power issues that affect villages in India. Imagine being at the top level without electricity backup to your elevator! An modern home must have an power backup for elevators, as well as lighting on common corridors as well as parking spaces. In addition to the inconvenience that is that comes from the absence of power backup, it could result in safety issues too.

Firefighting System

With the rising trend of building high-rises is becoming commonplace in Indian urban regions, new issues have been created. One of them is the risk for fire. Even a tiny circuit could ruin the entire construction. With the most modern fire fighting technology it is possible to ensure there's no damage to your property or home as or the loss in life.

Mahindra Pimpri Amenities and Specifications
  • Aero Dynamic Building Structure
  • Smart Homes Powered by JioFiber
  • An Green Building Certified Project
Mahindra Lifespaces Pimpri Amenities
  • 40+ world class amenities
  • Interactive squash court
  • 5D Miniplex
  • Infinity edge pool
  • Sound lounge
  • Fully equipped gym with steam room
  • Electric vehicle car charging station with multiple points
  • 1.8 Km walking boulevard
  • Over 75% open space
  • Vehicle free podium
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